EURGH! This bit.  Why is it that writing for others is so easy, but yourself??

I wear many hats, for a long time I felt I had to package these up into different offerings so that it was easy for people to understand.  That’s the world I was from.  The classic mistake, hey?  Infantilising the consumer.  Truth is, people buy into me.  So now I lay it all out here.

Maybe you’re after my digital marketing expertise, search, social that sort of thing?  Yes that’s my bag.  I’ve got a few testimonials you might want to look at.  I love data, tech start ups and B2C.

I am also a communicator.  I love helping others with their search for work, especially Mums who are like WTF???  That was me from around 2012.  It sucks.  I know loads of people who can help you.  Get in touch!

I like vlogging, it’s so easy!  Video is awesome and I talk about #werk, Feminism, wellbeing and body positivity (not as much as I should but I am working on it).

I am a cheerleader of other freelancers, especially the #dmcollective (Digital Mums Alumni), I talk about how great they are alot too.

I think that’s it, but basically anything and everything, why restrict myself hey?