The first blog post…

…but it’s really not.  I’ve been blogging on multiple sites for tiiiimme.  Calling myself one thing and then another.  You see I used to work in media planning, which meant I planned where ad agencies work went.  They created perfectly distilled concepts into a poster and I allocated where it would go based on a set criteria.

So you see I respected advertising, the packaging up of ideas into perfectly consumable products that prompted reaction.  When I started freelancing and wanting to express myself creatively and to start a business, I felt like I had to do the same.  Everything needed a name, a  brand, perfectly packaged.

Problem is, it’s fucking tiring and I only have so many hours in the day.  So I have torn down what I do and I am starting again.

Digital marketing is the day job, and I love it.  However, I also want to talk about things I am passionate about, workplace flexibility, equality, employee engagement and why this matters as much as promoting your brand externally, women helping other women.

So this is where it’s all going to go.  I am a multi passionate person, and I am capable of being many things to different people, I just can’t do it from 5 websites and 20 social media platforms!

So whatever you want to talk to me about, you’ll find me here…see?  Much simpler.